P value from SD

I am a beginner at statistics. May you explain me following?I am doing a small lab report assignment. I have two groups ( number of 13, the walking distance with and without cognitive test) 1.19,1.01,1.04,1.09,1.12,0.98,1.09,1.15,1.18,1.18,1.05,1.04,1.025 (without cognitive) 1.24,1.04,1.08,1.13,1.25,1.02,1.17,1.17,1.23,1.23,1.06,1.01,0.911(with cognitive test) When I calcutated Pvalue, I got it as 0.0791 (pair Ttest) May I know is it mean of walking distance pvalue? May I know how to find the standard deviation of walking distance of p value from there? Thank you so much for your help. Best wishes.

I am looking forward to your reply.
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