p1=p2 test statistic question

I am now studying for my final which is tomorrow and i am doing some reviews

how do i do this problem

compute the test statistic used to test the null hypothesis that p1=p2
a report on the nightly news broadcast stated that 13 out of 111 households with pet dogs were burglarized and 23 out of 190 without pet dogs were burglarized.

the answer is -0.102

this question i don't know where to begin, if anyone can help.
still a little lost


I have the ti 84 calculator , i checked the website. but not sure what i put in for p1 or p2

is n1 111 and n2 190?

is p1 13 and the other p2 23?

with that i got 5.91516

i think i am doing it wrong

can you show me where i am doing wrong.
thank you so much


Thanks so much for all your help. I took finished my final. I hope I did ok but there were some questions I couldn't answer. I do appreciate all the website you posted and your help. You have been very helpful.

Thank you very much.