Paired T-Test and/or repeated measures ANOVA/mixed ANOVA -please help!

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I've been trying to confirm this for a while but I haven't been able to find a conclusive answer. I'm guessing the answer is pretty simple but I'm a bit rusty and I've looked over it so many times that I'm now a little bit saturated.

Basically I am doing a project on bladder management and want to compare indwelling catheters (patients initial management), to other catheters (long-term management in lieu of indwelling catheters).

Measurement 1: basically the data consists of the number of urinary tract infections diagnosed in a patient before and after the indwelling catheter is removed.
If I am comparing the number before and after removal from the same patient, would this simply be a paired t-test?

Measurement 2: from there I want to compare the two possible catheters patients have after the indwelling is removed -two thirds of the patients have intermittent catheters and one third have supra-pubic catheters (again it is looking at number of UTIs contracted with the indwelling vs. their long-term catheter). Would it be ok to use paired t-tests for these too if the aim is just compare against measurement 1? Or would I have to use a mixed ANOVA? And if I wanted to compare supra-pubic to intermittent, which would be the best test then?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!!

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How many infections can individual patient have (e.g. "between 0 and 6"), and how large is your sample size?

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Thank you for such a quick reply!

Number of infections could technically be any number but did not exceed 8 in this case, with a mean of 2.4.

Sample size: 59 was the total sample size (all initially using in-dwellings), two thirds of which ended with intermittent and one third ended up with supra-pubic.