Pairwise Comparisons


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The answer depends on the codependence structure of [8 choose 2] = 28 testing procedures corresponding to 28 pairwise comparisons. Your answer assumes they are independent but they are not. They depend on the same data.
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But isn't the definition of pairwise comparison to compare pairs of means (within a data set) independently as a function of the number of means?


μ1= μ2 μ2= μ3 μ3= μ4 —etc— μ6= μ7
μ1= μ3 μ2= μ4 μ3= μ5
μ1= μ4 μ2= μ5
μ1= μ8 ; μ2= μ8 ; μ3= μ8 ; μ4= μ8 —etc— μ7= μ8