Pareto Chart

I am confused on where to start in constructing a pareto chart for the following set of data.

I have done pareto charts before but not on this size of data.

I appreciate any help. I have attached the excel spreadsheet of the data.

Thank You!!


Dark Knight
No. of Error Category DayBills12345678 154463326210

Could you just explain the situation? what is No of Bills , Error Catagory & the data?
The eight different categories are different causes of defective bills.

1.Incomplete shipper name or address
2. Incomplete cosignee name or address
3. Missing container type
4. Incomplete description of freight
5. weight not shown on bill of lading
6. Impropoer destination code
7. Incomplete driver signature info
8. Innacurate piece count

using Demings plan to do study act process, the group at Murphy's designed a plan to examine all bills of lading over a 25 day period and count the number of errors in each of these categories.

Let me know if you need more information.

Basically the day is shown, number of bills for the day, and the defetive bills in the different error categories.


Dark Knight
I think in this situation weight of the Error catogories will be different.
like the impact of (Incomplete shipper name or address) and (Incomplete cosignee name or address) may not be the same.
So you can think of FMEA( Failure mode and effects analysis)..

Or if you assume equal severity for all the causes go by previous answer

In your case, you can sum the columns, and generate your Pareto diagram based on the totals.