Partial Correlation

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3. SQ3: Is there a linear relationship between engine size and miles per gallon when controlling for vehicle type?
4. SQ4: Do vehicle characteristics (region of sale, engine cylinders, engine size, horsepower, wheelbase, curb weight, fuel capacity, and fuel efficiency) predict the difference between sale price and resale price?
5. SQ5: Do vehicle characteristics (as in #4) individually predict the difference in sale and resale price?

Subquestion 3: engine size and miles per gallon are continuous while vehicle type is nominal (1= truck; 2=automobile), I thought for partial correlation all 3 needed to be continuous so I consider it to be impossible however Im not sure. This assignment is on correlation, partial correlation and multiple regression.

Subquestion 4 and 5: Maybe its due to english not being my native language but do you guys see the difference between these two questions?

These exercises need to be done in SPSS.

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