[PASS , nquery advisor] Are these related ?

Hello all,

I have a question. I am trying to decide now which sample size software to buy, since the sample size modules of the common statistical packages are insufficient.

The two leading software I found are PASS 12 and nquery advisor+n terim 2

PASS 12 seems to be belonging to NCSS, who created also the NCSS statistical package. However, on the nquery website, which is the website of the company who made it, called statistical solutions, you can buy not only this software but also other products, and the list contains, you won't believe it, NCSS, the software that I thought was created by the same company who made PASS. So I am confused here.

Look for yourselves:



Does anyone here knows something and can put some light on the matter. I tried a 7 day trial of PASS and it's wonderful (especially in compare to the sample size modules of the statistical packages). I did not try nquery advisor yet, but from screen shots it doesn't seem to be the same program as PASS. I am extremely confused.