Patient survey - what is the right statistical test?

I am asking patients, with a particular condition called Critical Limb ischaemia, what their preferences are (ranked preferences). Patients are asked to rank the things they find most important in their lives:
I want to avoid amputation
I want to live as long as possible
I want to care for myself
I want to be able to walk again
I want to live in my own home.

Patients will rank these 1 - 5 in order of preference.
I assume that will provide me with a mode average. What test can i use to prove that one option is statistically more popular than the others?

Many thanks!


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I think the omnibus test would be the Friedman test. However, you probably want to do some kind of post-hoc tests. The Wikipedia article on the Friedman test has some external links where can you find more information on that.