Phd programs for Biostats


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Hi guys,

I figured I get your help with this, since I'm having trouble cutting down. Shopping season is approaching for Phd programs (I got my masters this past May and am taking a year off). I've decided that I want to do biostat. I know that I need to go to a school with a good stat dept if they are to have a good biostat program. Here is what I'm down to.

Boston University	Biostatistics
Brown University	Biostatistics
Columbia University	Biostatistics
Emory University	Biostatistics
George Washington University	Biostatistics
Harvard	Biostatistics
John Hopkins University	Biostatistics
Ohio State University	Biostatistics
Univeristy of Chicago	Biostatistics
University of Alabama Birmingham	Biostatistics
University of California Berkeley	Biostatistics
University of California Davis	Biostatistics
University of California Los Angelos	Biostatistics
University of California SF	Clinical Epidemiology
University of North Carolina	Biostatistics
University of North Texas	Biostatistics
University of Pennsylvania	Biostatistics
University of Southern California	Biostatistics
University of Texas, Houston	Biostatistics
University of Texas, MD Anderson	Biomathematics & Biostatistics
University of Washington	Biostatistics
Yale	Biostatistics
Colorado School of Public Health	Biostatistics
Georgia Southern University	Biostatistics
McGill University dept Epi, biostat, Occ Hth	Biostatistics
Medical College of Georgia	Biostatistics
South Dakota State University	Computational Science and Statistics
University at Buffalo, NY	Biostatistics
University of Cincinnati	Biostatistics
University of Iowa	Biostatistics
University of Michigan	Biostatistics
University of Pittsburgh	Biostatistics
University of Western Ontario	Biostatistics
Please give me your thoughts! If I assume $150 apps for each school, it comes out to more money than I can afford! I'm heavily leaning towards the CA and TX schools since I live in CA and family is from TX. However, I don't want to restrict it. I'm looking to cut it down to maybe 10-12.

PS. I think I have a very competitive application. However, I know each school looks for a particular thing. I'll be retaking my GREs in Nov so wish me luck!



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I don't know how well it ranks, but Davis is a medical school. I would think it has a good biostats program. I want to get into their stats program, but I want to focus my PhD work on econometrics, probably.


Ninja say what!?!
Hehehe. Thanks for your thoughts. A lot of the schools are also med schools (e.g. John hopkins, harvard, Boston, Chicago, etc). It'd be nice for me to work there since I'd then get the chance to work with a lot of MDs. It's not necessary though. Currently, I'm doing research with an MD/Phd at Berkeley.


Ninja say what!?!
No. I'm just taking the general exam.

It's been completely revised though. Looks like it's gonna be harder.