PhD student needs statistics support/exchange with free Mandarin lessons

Hi guys,

I'm a phd student whose research looks at Mandarin learning of Chinese heritage students in New Zealand.
I have received my quantitative questionnaires. However, as I'm not quantitatively trained, I am not quite good at running statistics test.
I'd like to get help from someone who's an expert on this field.
As exchange, I can offer free online Mandarin class, I'm a TA in my Uni's Chinese programme, and I am an experienced Mandarin teacher who has teaching experience of 8 years in China, America, and New Zealand.
If you can kindly help, please contact me by email:

Hope to hear from you.

I suggest that you skip the mandarin and simply ask a question about what you have difficulties in. That is kind of the idea with this site.


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Oh is it? but my project is kinda big, I'm afraid I can't explain well in text, I prefer discussing in zoom. but thank you for your suggestion.
I copied the content from your report here.

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