PhD study

Dear individuals of intelligence,

I would like to know if anyone can help choose the correct statistical test to carry out on my data that I have collected. Details are below:

I tested 10 caucasian, 10 asian and 10 african individuals during a cold water immersion and measured their skin temperature response over 10 minutes. Therefore i would like to know if the skin temperature significantly differed between ethnicities over time and if so, at what time point (post hoc?)? The individuals only completed the test once so I know it is not a repeated measures ANOVA.

I have tried several tests on SPSS (v20, Windows 7) and I feel i may not be choosing the correct test.

Any help would be really appreciated :)
Reading previous research it does appear to be a two way anova with repeated measures for time :) will check it when I'm back in the office and report back