Planned a MANOVA, but data may suggest a MANCOVA

Hi there! Thanks for taking a minute to help me.

I'm in the final days of my PhD and running analyses for my final study. But the longer I look at my data, the more I am beginning to think my planned analyses do not look like they make sense. I really need someone here to act as a sounding board - someone to tell me if I sound crazy or not.

Throughout my studies, I've been using participants' experiences with sexual assault as a predictor variable. However, in this last study, I had participants read one of four different scenarios (two where someone experienced sexual assault and two where someone has a friend disclose an experience of sexual assault) and using this experience variable as a predictor no longer makes sense. Given this, I figured instead of the MANOVA I had intended to run, I ought to run a MANCOVA.

Does this idea sound crazy or like I'm on the right track here?