Planned Orthogonal Comparison Type I Error Rate and the Number of Independent Cntrst

Hi! I am confused about Type I error rate and the number of planned independent contrasts in Planned Orthogonal Comparisons in one-way ANOVA. If we have a factor with 5 groups and we would like to test three contrasts that are independent of each other at alpha = .05 level, is the Type I error rate still going to be .05 since these three contrasts are independent of each other? Or, is the Type I error rate going to inflate to be 3x(.05) = 0.15? Also, k is being the number of groups in the factor (in this case k = 5), are there k-1 = 4 pairwise independent contrasts in our example, or are there k-1 = 4 independent contrasts in total, regardless of them being pairwise? I hope my questions are clear enough. Thanks so much for the answers in advance.