Plausible values: what do I do?

i have found nearly nothing on this. It is used mostly on PISA, TIMMS and PIRLS testing.
I kind of understand, the meaning behind it and what they represent... But I have no idea, how to work with them.

E.g. I have students from a country perform math test. Then for each student the plausible values (pv) are generated to represent their *competency*.
So now each student instead of the score has 10pvs representing his/her competency in math. How can I calculate the overal students' competency for that nation???

I am so desperate! The only thing I know is that there is no meaning in just creating the mean from all 10 pvs for each student (i dont know why)...

Anyone has any experience? Thank you SO much!


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The answer depends on how those "plausible values" are calculated. Are they any good?... I would suspect some are more important (bigger weight) and some are less important (smaller weight). So looking into the formulas is important. Also, you may try to find data on historical performance of these "plausible values".