Player Radomization Table Problem

I have a player radomization table problem.
30 players total.
2 courts. 2 sides to a court.
2 team on a court. (1 team on each side)
5 players on a team.

I want to have 10 games where 5 different players play against 5
different players each game for the 10 games. Only 20 players
can play at 1 time slot. Other 10 players will set out and play next
game with any 10 of the pervious players. Players don't play more
than 2 games in a row and not on same court.
Make since?? I've tried a number randomizer calculator I found on-line,
but it kept giving me 1 or 2 players that set out a lot or several players
that played together a lot.
Evidentually would like to use in future for different combinations of 4-6 players per team and from 2-6 courts and upto 40 players???


TS Contributor
Do you mean you want to have a "good" random number generator to do the "shuffling" of players??