Please anyone help due monday

Hey guys, Im doing a mathematics degree and have this stats subject and honestly have no clue whatsoever on how to do anything in this class. I have looked over all my lectures and pracs and we have an assessment and the content is not related to anything.

If anyone could help me in anyway, by answering or even just guiding as to where I could find some sort of help to help me figure out the question or even just how to start it I will be very grateful.


Consider the simple linear regression model of y on x, y = β0 + β1x + ε where ε ∼ N(0, σ2)

Define z = x − x¯, i.e., x centered around the mean.

(a) Show that the regression of y on z has intercept equal to y¯.

(b) Show that the slope from the regression of y on z is the same as that fromthe regression of y on x.


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I think it's interesting that these questions are completely mathematical. Literally plug in the estimates for the slope and intercept with respect to z and y, plug in x-xbar for z and then simplify and show that the "intercept" is what it claims to be.