Please help from africa

hi everyone. im new to statistics (that is to say, i havent done anything of this sort since college) and need some assistance. i am currently serving in the United States Peace Corps working for in Botswana, Africa. i am working for an ngo dealing with a project focussing on safe needle injections in clinics (we train clinics, doctors, nurses, nursing schools, etc on how to properly use once use syringes and how to dispose of them properly). my job is primarily to create software to keep track of our data, web application to link up the coutry, stuff like that. anyway, we've noticed recently that all our pilot test areas are requesting more and more syringes every month. i figure this could be either good or bad (if they are only using syringes once, they would need more) but i want to be sure this is the correct assumption. anyway, my ngo distributed a questionair. im not sure what kind of stats i can do with it, how to go about it, etc. is anyone willing to help? it is for a good cause. if so, i can email you the survery. ive also created a database application that takes in all the data from the surveys and spits out reports. i can email that too. thank you

PCV, Botswana 2006-2009