please help me I'm not sure what I"m supposed to do here?

Okay here is the questions

Refer to table 3 in the article and focus on the row " Perceptions of parent efficacy". Explain the meaning of each of the seven correlation coefficients reported in that row of the table in terms of the strength and direction of the specific correlations and also in temrs of their levels of statistical significance ( p-values)?

This is the part of the chart I know it refers to:

.56** .75** .65** .27 .59** .44** -.59** _____

M 8.72 8.06 2.96 4.74 9.98 9.94 43.28 24.09

SD4.59 4.58 2.48 5.03 5.83 8.39 6.38 4.57

*p< .05 ( .30) ** p< .11 (.38)

I know that the bigger the # the more significant the variable has but I don't get is there some kind of formula I"m supposed to use to calculate what the questions is asking?

I'd really appreciate any help I'm really desperate right now. I've been googling for hours and don't understand what I need to do??