Please help -SPSS question

I’m student at the University of Arizona. In my political science class, I need to use SPSS to calculate bivariate correlation between a categorical independent variable (Presidential or Parliamentary system) and a continuous dependent variable (various measures of democracy)

I’m using the Przeworski data set. My original independent variable in this set is called INST, which designates each state as a dictatorship 0, parliament democracy 1, mixed democracy 2, and a presidential democracy 3.

My question is: How do I recode this independent, categorical variable (INST) into two different variables (Presidential and Parliamentary), so it excludes the mixed democracies and dictatorships and allow me to run a correlation with my continuous dependent variables? So, I want to be able to recode INST into Presidential and Parliament variables and run them separately to see how each one correlates with my continuous dependent variables?

Thank so much,