Please help with ordinary least squares

Hello everyone!
I wanted to recreate a research for my country so I used their model and ran EFA on my data and determined the factor loadings. (SPSS, principal axis factoring, varimax)
The research says that they did Ordinary least squares regression to determine effects in the model, for this they say 'the item scores for each factor were averaged to form the variable for that factor, we mean centered the independent variable and the moderator variables before taking the multiplication'
It's my first time using SPSS and first time doing OLS. Could anyone help with practically what to do after I have the factor loadings from EFA for every variable in the factor?
It looks like the factors themselves show up as dependant and independent variables in the regression results, but I still just have the indicators of the factors(5 point likert scale questions) and their factor loading.
I'm really sorry if I'm asking something obvious but I'm quite confused how to follow what that research did after the EFA.