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A company makes 50 pencil cases in a month. Each pencil case has a 3% probability of being defective. Let X represent the number of defective pencil cases that the company produces in a month.

Is X a continuous or discrete random variable, and why?
Explain what the distribution of X is.

Of the total number of pencil cases produced in two months, what is the probability that 2 or fewer are defective?

Besides bags, the company also makes backpacks. In a month, they make 20 backpacks, but each backpack has a 5% probability of being defective. Let be the number of defective backpacks that it produces in a month. Defective products cannot be sold, and therefore, The company must take a loss for all the defective items produced. If the cost of making a pencil is $10, and the cost of making a backpack is $15, what is the expected yearly loss to the company?