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hi to all , please help in stas , iam so stuck withit. i have assignment , but only 1 questions i need your help: (briefly explain)
Q1: one of the most important questions to ask when evaluating whether the "right" statistical methodswas used is "what sampling method was usedto obtain the data?"
For each of the scenarios below, does the sampling method generatea simple random sample ?
a)Consider a population consisting of the individual in BC regitresed to vote in the last federal election. These individualscan be grouped based on"ridings" (the geografic area )in which they live. Asimple random sample of 100 individualsis selectd from each 36 ridings in the province(so the sample has 3600 individuals in total).

b)The population is all individualseho used the cycling machines at afitness clubon a given day. Five time poiuntsduring the day are randomly selected and the sample consists of the individual who are using the club's tencycling machines at these timepoints.
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The sample in a) is not a simple random sample (SRS). To get an SRS, you need to pool all voters in the 36 ridings and randomly select 3600 individuals. Since in a) the voters are first grouped into ridings, it is two-stage sampling.

I think b) is an SRS. I am not 100% sure...