pls help urgent!!

Dear All,

I am doing my phd in India on the topic of "Relationhip Marketing in Service Organizations". I ve some statistical problem...pls help...

my data size is 50. I ve taken the feedback from 50 managers and asked them to give rank.(i ve attached the data which i ve computed n taken chi square value). Now i dont know how to takes its rank seprately?

The question is :
1. In your organization what is the relative importance of following factors in developing and maintaining relations. (give rank)

(a) Service itself
(b) Physical ambiance
(c) Interaction of customer contact employees with customers
(d) Image of the organization
(e) Price of the service delivered
(f) Communication messages like advertising, direct mail etc.
(g) Making the service easily accessible to the customers

Pls suggest me after analysing my attached analysis that how can i calculate ranks.

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