Possible stats tests to use?


After racking my brain not knowing what to do with my data I thought I'd give it a shot and post here, as I'm still unsure what I can do to test it.

Movement count per 10 seconds and survival was measured in the same animals along entire lifespan at set time points, such that when individuals died their data was no longer available.

14 9 8 7 8 6 2 0 x
13 10 8 5 x x x x x
12 12 9 12 10 8 7 7 x
10 14 10 12 9 8 x x x
14 8 x x x x x x x

^ Example data to indicate what the situation looks like. Rows represent indivduals and columns represent relevant time points, left to right. x indicates that the animal had died by that point, with the actual day of death being the earliest x, thus no data could be obtained.

The data is not parametric as it is count (non-continous), thus I cannot used a repeated measures ANOVA. Plotting it also reveals that it is not normally distributed. Friedman requires there to be data points for all individuals throughout the entire experiment, but this is not possible since individuals die as the experiment continues.

Due to this the only thing I can think to do is use Willcoxon and and correct for multiple comparisons via Bonferroni Correction? This still however will not be able to ratify the low N number in the later time points however.

It would be nice to know if someone can help clear this up, as as far as I know this is the only option I have?