Possible to calculate the H information statistic in SPSS?

I did some image norming as part of one of my studies and all of the papers I've read calculate the H statistic for picture naming. I'd like to as well and my supervisor agrees but is not sure how I go about using the formula - can SPSS help? I have the pieces of information I need to calculate it responses on picture naming, number of alternatives and individuals who gave the alternative. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

1602247131429.png where k refers to the number of different names given to each picture and excludes the DKN, DKO, and TOT responses. Pi is the proportion of subjects who gave a name for each object. It should be noted that this proportion varies across objects because of the exclusion of the DKN, DKO, and TOT responses. The H value of an object with a unique name and no alternative will be 0. The H value of an object with two names provided with an equivalent frequency will be 1.00. This value will be smaller for an alternative that is provided to a lower frequency rate. On the other hand, the H value will increase as a function of the number of alternatives. For instance, one modal name of 50% frequency and two alternatives of 25% frequency each will give an H value of 1.50.