Post-hoc test interpretation

Hi all,
I'm struggling to understand my post hoc test, following a significant ANCOVA analysis.
for some quick background, my study is on chronotype (whether you're a morning, evening or neither person) and how this links to impulsivity.

ANCOVA found a significant main effect of chronotype on impulsivity. after running post-hoc, the only significant group interaction was between evening chronotype and neither chronotype, and not between morning and evening chronotype as I had hoped.
Can I still conclude that evening type is more impulsive, in general? even if the difference was only found to be between evening and neither type?

Thankyou for your help in advance :)


TS Contributor
I am not sure whether I understand you correctely. You have a statistically significant main effect,
and your post-hoc tests finds no statistically significant difference between morning and evening.
That means, you cannot reject the hypothesis that in the population from which the samples
were drawn, the difference between morning and evening type is zero. But you want to claim that
morning and evening types differ "in general". The question is, why perform a post-hoc test if you
ignore its results?

With kind regards