Postgraduate classes to attend

Hello everybody! This is the first thread I open in this forum, so I hope I chose the correct section :rolleyes:

I am a first-year Ph.D. student of applied statistics at an European university. I am currently facing the choice of the courses to enrol to in the upcoming months. My advisor told me that I may take into consideration basically whatever I prefer, provided that the level of the lectures is high enough and that he approves my choice. Here comes my question: in your opinion, should I attend classes strictly related to my thesis topic or should I try to widen my background? In the first case, I'd of course need to study harder on my own... When trying to give me a hint, please consider that I don't know whether at the end of my doctoral studies I will be willing to pursue a career in academia or not, so perhaps getting exposed to topics not strictly related to my research could be helpful. In addition, my colleagues and I run a consultancy service: as a consequence, I have already been facing real life statistical problems arising from, say, biology or medical sciences.
I would really appreciate any kind of help :wave:

P.S.: as a remark, the courses workload in European Ph.D. programs is generally way less demanding that the one in American universities.