power analysis

dear friends hi!
i am relatively new in the site so plz forgive any errors of me!!
i have this problem:
i am doing a case control study, trying to find if there is a correlation between a bad genotype (7/7) and cancer risk.
i must inform you that there are 3 genotypes present: 6/6,6/7 and 7/7
i include 108 patients with cancer and 241 healthy controls.
i did x square analysis to find any difference in the contribution of the 3 genotypes and i estimate odds ratio using a 2x2 table analysis.
i dont find a significance between the genotype distribution (cases: 35 (6/6), 48 (6/7), 25 (7/7), controls: 111 (6/6), 89 (6/7), 41 (7/7))
i have 2 queries:
1) i cannot estimate the power of my study
2) is my analysis enough or should i do sth in addiction ( addictive model, test for trend?)
i would really appreciate if someone could help!!!