Power of one sample test for variance


I have been trying to test the following hypotheses.

H0 : sigma = 10
H1 : sigma != 10

the sample size is 200 and the sigma observed is 0.13

from this initially the hypotheses was rejected using chi-square as test statistic... viz.

dof * (sample variance) / (population variance)

now, I have to calculate the power of the test above using sigma = 5 and sigma = 15.

I am not sure, if this can be found out at all, since chi-square is a non-parametric test... and can be completely determined using dof.

looking forward if someone can explain if the power can be found at all and if yes, how?

- AP


actually i cant understand your intent because when you speak about power of test it is 1-beta
that beta is error of second type and really please see your hypotheses are not true i think you typed wrong H1.