PRE and POST condition

I'm a research assistant and a new SPSS user and I have a question about a study.
I have collect performances to several cognitive tasks, pre and post 4 farmacological treatment, by the same group (7 sbjs) How can I insert all the data (gender, farmacological treatment, task's results) to observe differences related to farms? I want to observe differences, between subjects, in PRE and POST condition. Which kind of analysis can I use? Probably, a non parametric anova test.


TS Contributor
Is it only a statistical question, or also something related to that certain software?
If you want to analyse whether the pre-post differences are different between treatments,
and in addition you want to include gender, then you would have to use a parametric
repeted-measures analysis of variance.

You could calculate the 4 differences, and make a global comparison "nonparametrically"
by using the Friedman test, or pairwise using the sign test. That would not allow you to
include gender, though.

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