Predict Sales inR code


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Yep.Yes,I finally got that R program .Now the next challenge is how to use it.

I have the following simple text,copied from ''

> predict(Model,, interval='prediction')
fit lwr upr
1 28.19952 21.64930 34.74975
2 24.45839 18.07287 30.84392
3 18.04503 11.71296 24.37710

Where do i put that text in my RStudio screen (enclosed example), is it correct or do i need to add more/less?
I have enclosed a screen dump from R studio.
I need a confidence interval of 95 %
Also I need to be able to add my Alpha ,Beta and Gamma parameters based on a timeseries I have. That forecast should beat least 60 % accurate.
I would need a step by step procedure as to what i need to do,so i also learn from it :)
What to do....