Primer 5 - cluster analysis and MDS plot

Primer 5 - Hi I'm trying to superimpose a bray-curtis similarity cluster analysis onto an MDS plot, I can find information on how to go about this for primer 6 but not for 5 does anyone know if its possible to do in the older version and if so how to do it??

thanks for your help


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You should be able to right click on your plot
>select "special" tab
>choose superimpose cluster
>Choose the BC value
>click OK.
I don't get a special tab when i right click the only options are properties, flip horizontal/vertical and two save options I think that it has something to do with the behind the scenes factors and labels but for the life of me i can't figure it out.


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mmmm, this could be a limitation of version 5. However, colleagues of mine have never mentioned this.

All I can suggest (as I have never used V5) is to:

a) seek out a copy of the manual;


b) email the PRIMER group - the are REALLY helpful and do not mind emails about their software. Really, their support group is brilliant.