Primer Bad Numbers

Hello. I am a primer newbie and have been given a data set to analyse, and told to do so in primer, have tried to put it in the right format but obviously got it wrong.:confused: Any time I try and add some of the worksheets to primer I get "Bad number Row 3 Column 3" I cannot figure out how to correct this. Thanks in advance :)


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Make sure there are not symbols, letters, spaces or characters in the data set. Check what appears in row 3 column 3 of the matrix. What is there in that cell?


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I dont follow. Yes you can, but you need to be careful how you structure your spreadsheet.

Can you post a screen shot perhaps?
Also a newbie to Primer - have a list of eigenvectors and Primer graph comparing PC1 & PC 2 but am unsure of what I can draw out of each - what argument I can make about the different parameters...anyone interested in helping?