Private Equity - model selection

Hi there,

Currently conducting some research on Private Equity funds and having some issues figuring out what to do/ what model to use given the little data that I have..

I previously had a specific research theme/question to adress but had to give up because of the said little data availability

Long story short I am now working the other way around and wondering what I can do with the data that I have!

The main information that I have is "per fund" and these are the main variables i have access to:
- investment geography focus
- type of fund (buyout, growth, secondaries etc.)
- vintage year of the fund
- fund size ($million)
- Net IRR as of today (1 observation per fund)

The goal being to try to find if geography focus, fund type or something else is responsible/explains a fund's performance

My question would be: is it possible to make something out of those info? If yes how would you go about it?

If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it! (sorry for the long post btw)