Probability Ideas in the monty Hall problem Stats class assignment help!

Watch a YouTube video that explains the problem: "Monty Hall Problem with Ron Clarke", this video starts with "Hello and welcome to the Monty Hall problem, with me Ron Clarke."
Write a paper that includes:
What you thought the answer was;
Information from the video what the answer really is
How was probability used in arriving at the answer? What probability ideas does this demonstrate and use? Explain and give examples. You may use other sources as well but make sure to cite them.
Are you surprised by the answer to the question “stay or switch”? Does it make sense?
2 pages long, using size 12 font and double spaced.
a cover page and a references page (at least the YouTube video should be included)

The only part Im having trouble with is Identifying the probability ideas. (explain and give examples) Im not sure what that means? I can explain the video and the problem and why it is the way it is but Im not sure how to answer this portion of the question.. any thoughts would be helpful! Thanks!


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I would guess that "conditional probability" is what your teacher is fishing for.

The Monty Hall problem is fun. For those who are having problem understanding it, it helps by extending the problem to, say, 10 boxes. By doing this it gets easier to accept and grasp the idea :)


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I'd say that the video demonstrated that elementary probability applied to
strategies of switching versus not switching is all that's required.