Probability of a patients trust

Here is my problem.

A psychologist determined that the number of hours required to obtain the trust of a patient is 1,2, or 3. Let x be a random variable indicating the time in hours required to gain the patients trust.

So I believe the formula is: f(x)= x/6 for x = 1, 2, or 3

So what is the probability that it takes exactly 2hrs to gain trust?

What is the probability it takes at least 2hrs to gain trust?


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Thanks for visiting and posting...because of the number of problems you've posted this evening, I'm getting the sense that you're trying to get us to do your homework.....

You need to show us that you've attempted this problem so that we're not just "doing your homework."

What parts of this have you done so far? What parts are you having difficulty with?

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Hi NikNice,

There doesn't appear to be enough information. Is there any information given about the probabilities? It looks like we have the outcomes only.