Probability of a subjective event based on historical subjective data . Forecasting


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Lately i developed an idea of understanding the behavior of kids in their childhood. I was wondering how kids are molded into different adults in no time. So i created a problem statement based on my ideology and hoped to solve using applications of mathematics. Coming from a non engineering and science background and having keen interest in mathematics which i am developing recently by working on statistics for the last couple of years i welcome any form of knowledge sharing from the community. I would like to know whether the problem statement can be attended using any of the mathematics applications. I have gone through the techniques used by meteorologists to forecast the weather. The historical data is completely numerical in the former case whereas the data is completely subjective in my problem statement. So i am lost in the middle. I feel that i need a parser to read through the subjective data and then a bit of machine learning and forecast techniques to find the desired outcome as discussed in the problem statement.

Please look through the image of the problem statement attached here.

The content is completely of my own and is not a homework.