problem with dat file

I've been trying to use a dat file in stata and it proved to be a bit tricky.
The file doesn't have any dictionary for stata to read or anything like that and when I try to specify the columns I get an error message.

The file is * separated/delimited which is a format I've never worked with before and usually I just use stat transfer so I've never really worked with infile, infix etc.
Is it possible stata doesn't recognize these *'s as delimiters and therefor gives me the error message?

When i open the file in notepad and copy to excel I can get rid of the * but this is problematic since the file are pretty big and excel can't read all obs at once, also I loose leading zero's which might cause problems later and I have about 10-20 of these files so...

Help would be much appreciated, Thnx
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