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I have never experienced this problem before and I have used this system for 6 years. Anyone know how to fix this?

Error: Unable to load the Java Virtual Machine.


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I got that once, it is a JRE?? issue with SAS. Some versions of SAS change what they would like, but the big thing would be if your work pushed out a different version of JAVA. I think when I had the compatibility issue (new SAS 9.3 and old JAVA), the only limitation was that I just couldn't get ODS Graphics. I believe I asked my IT to downgrade JAVA to an older version.


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... Were you opening SAS? Trying to run some code? What was the code you were trying to run. Did it include ODS graphics like hlsmith mentioned?

You really didn't give us much to go on.


Fortran must die
This is what I ran (although I don't think the procedure I ran was pertinent to the problem):

ods graphics on;
proc robustreg data=mh3 plots=all  ; 
model y= tcost durmonth /diagnostics ;
output out=mh3out rd=rmd;
id vrid; 

ods graphics off;
Some of the tables that should have been produced were, others were not.


Fortran must die
It runs. I did not need the diagnostic tables in this case. Thanks (although since in many procedures I do need to use ODS that is only a partial solution).


Fortran must die
Actually I lied. Without the ods graphics the output file does not generate the robust mahalanobis distance.

I am working with SAS right now to fix this. I will post the solution in case it helps anyone else. Nice to be part of a large organization sometimes... :)
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