Problem with Stata graphs when saved within a PDF file


I've produced a couple of scatterplots in Stata11 which I've then included in a MS Word 2007 document. I have then saved the word document in PDF format as it is something I would like to send to colleagues.

My problem is with the PDF document. In both of the two scatterplots, the y-axis title does not appear in the PDF document, even though they are both there in the word document before the conversion. The rest of the graph comes out perfectly fine, its just the titles on the y-axis. Does anyone have any experience with this or have any suggestions of how to overcome the problem? I have spent some time googling for an answer but have not found anything that has solved the problem.


To anyone who has a similar problem, I have found a way to get the graphs to show up correctly.

Previously, I was just copying the graph from Stata and pasting it straight into a word document. I have found that if I save the graph as a tif file within Stata then I can import the graph into MS word as an image. Then when I convert the file to pdf format the graph shows up perfectly with no missing titles.