PROCESS or regression?

I am a bit confused about this problem. I would appreciate if i could get some help.

Conduct the analysis necessary to answer the following question:
There is a well-known positive relationship between number of hours spent self studying and marks.
Previous research has thus successfully used self study hours as a predictor of marks in students.
A researcher is interested in exploring the potential moderator effect of company (alone =0, with company=1) on this relationship. He hypothesizes that company moderates the relationship so that this relationship is present for no company (alone=0) but not for with company.

SO, the moderator is dichotomous, so I neither centered it nor dummy coded it. I centered self study hours. I created an interaction with centered self study x company (0 or 1). because of zero, some interactions are 0. Is this a problem?

Ran a regression.

Then I saw that PROCESS could do this. Can I use PROCESS if my moderator is dichotomous? I tried it and the output says something like all IVS were centered and for dichotomous moderators, there were only two levels. whereas for continous there were low medium high levels.