Process Tme forecast


Heard some good reviews about this forum and would like to start participating here.

My problem : There are 20 repair lines that has same capability but different potential in terms of number of machines, men and materials available. Their processing time ranges from 8 to 30 hours each and depends mainly on 30 different factors. One of the main factors is unpredictability as each product needs to be repaired in its own way based on the product condition.

Probable solution : I am thinking to use the historical performance to predict the future of each repair line as there are 20 different factors (measurable and immeasurable) that are involved in the processing time. I have a six sigma green belt and was thinking on those lines and appreciate if you could provide some solution to my issues so that i can at least forecast the future processing times with 95% confidence. Appreciate if you can also name the MintiTab tools that might be needed for my process time predictions.
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