Program for rising sequences?

Hello everyone. Completely new user here.

I'm currently an undergrad student pursuing a career in medicine. Most of the statistics work I need to do for my undergrad research is core stuff like z-tests, t-tests, chi-squared tests, CIs, ANOVAs, power, sometimes kappas, etc. I've been doing just fine working on really low-level platforms that make my stats major friends cringe, like Excel, online websites with free applets, and my TI-84 calculator that I've had since high school. As an undergrad student not majoring in stats it's not easy for me to get my hands on the big guns like SAS (not to mention I'd have to learn how to use SAS in the first place).

Lately, because I play so many card games as a hobby, I've become very interested in applied probability (I'm one of those guys that does stats for fun as well as work). One of the many things the platforms above can't do--or at least, I don't think they can do--is count the number of rising sequences in a given series of numbers, like tell me that an ordered list {1, 10, 2, 3, 7, 8, 11} has three rising sequences, which, as I've been learning recently, is an integral component of probability analaysis with regards to cards and shuffling.

Is there any low-budget program or other service that can accomplish this? My friends have been telling me that if I knew Perl or some other language I could just make it myself, but I don't know any computing languages. Maybe it's time I start taking some computing courses here at my university.

Any direction or advice you guys could provide would be tremendously appreciated. Thanks very much in advance.