Project LOS

Hello - This is my first post and I'm searching for help with a Length of Stay project.

Here is the following data I have;

Tenant Move In Date
Tenant Move Out Date
Rate Increase Amount
Rate Increase Date
Discount Amount (upon Move In)
The occupied square footage of Tenant

This industry is seasonal so there are higher Move Ins during the summer months.

Main questions;

1) What tool(s) should I use to find the mean, median, and mode for Tenants Duration?

2) What tool(s) should I use to test an hypothesis such as; Tenants move out within 3 months upon receiving a Rate Increase?

3) What tool(s) should I use to test if a discount has any correlation to the length of stay? ie. the large discount amount, the longer length of stay

4) What tool(s) should I use to test if the square footage has any correlation to the length of stay? ie. the larger the sqft, the longer length of stay

I am more than happy to attach my data, but I would prefer to find the answers to the above questions and attempt to do it myself first. I appreciate everyone's time looking into this for me. I hope this is a challenge to some of you :)

side note: I am decent with excel but consider me new to any other statistical tools such as R or Python. Having said that, I am willing to learn new tools if it's required.

Thank you


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Here's my attempt at the first question I have. If someone could help me out with the rest, that would be terrific.

1) Here I am taking all Move Out dates, subtracting from the Move In, to give me a number of days. Then for the tenants that are still present, I subtract an arbitrary date (Sept 31, 2018) from their Move In date to give me their duration. Now I have two sets of data. One for Current Tenants and the other for Past Tenants. I would then use excels Descriptive Statistics tool to find the Mean, Median, and Mode for both data sets. I would also use a histogram to show me the number of tenants that had a duration for a set Bin.

Can someone guide me through the rest?


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Is this for a class or personal use? That being said how exact do you want to get?

1) - just find them after you got you LOS values calculated. Nothing special going on here.
2) - we don't know your sample size but if you want a basic answer you could stratify tenants on got increase yes/no and moved out within 3 months yes/no and run either a fisher's exact test or chi-square given your sample size and modeling assumptions.
3) - ttest or Wilcoxon rank sum test given how LOS are distributed.
4) - probably fine with Pearson correlation coefficient.