Proportionate vs absolute count for analysis

Hi there,

Okay so I've managed to sort out most of my exploratory stats but what's bugging us now is over-representation. For e.g. my dependent variable is categorical: Introduced, Naturalised, Invasive.

Species per status sits at:
Introduced: 20 species absolute count = 15.5 preportion
Naturalised: 80 species absolute count = 50 preportion
Invasive: 60 species absolute count = 37.5 preportion

Now when you run tests the programs automatically use the absolute count to spit out numbers and graphs etc - but I want to run these analyses using the proportionate values instead of absolute count so I can avoid over-representation and level the playing field.

Is there a way to do this?


Not a robit
Your description is very vague. What procedure are you trying to use? Are you trying to use a Chi-sq test? Also, what program are you using? Also, I can't follow what you are looking at, how does 20 species translate to 15.5%; also if you don't use count based values, how does the program know your sample size?