Qtl anova


I posted on this site previously but I think maybe the biostatistics section might be more suitable for my problem. It's a genetic data analysis question.
I have data on genetic markers involving QTL's. I'm given the linear model as
Yi(j)k = u (mu) + Qi + g(Q)j(i) + ei(j)k

where the last term is the error term and Qi is the effect of QTL genotype i and the gQji is the genotypic effect that cannot be explained by the QTL.

It asks for the theoretical form of the ANOVA including the expected mean squares, but not the sum of squares terms, taking N to be progeny size, b the number of replications and c a coefficient, estimated using c=N-[n1sq - n2sq]/N and also asks what are the principle tests here. If you could point me where I could find out how to solve this I would greatly appreciate it.

I am also wondering how to interpret the data. The phenotypes are given as numeric values and I have no idea what they mean. How can a phenotype be a number?