Qualifiers, Factor Analysis and Regression

I'm working on a project that wants me to do factor analyses that generate an IV.
Basically some groups of questions and no IV. And I'm told the IV will be generated by the FA.
Any ideas?
Then I'm supposed to put the questions into a regression model.
Somehow I can put the outcome of the FA into a regression?
And yeah that FA is mentioned as "setting the qualifiers." Qualifiers?
Any ideas?


TS Contributor
Factor analysis is a data consolidation tool. It finds multiple correlated variables and consolidates them into unobserved latent variables called "Factors". These Factors are presumed to be the IVs that drove the variation observed. The factor component scores may then be used in other types of analyses, such as regression or cluster analysis. I have used factor analysis and cluster analysis to identify market segments.

Unfortunately, I have not used it in conjunction with regression and am not familiar with "setting the qualifiers", so I cannot help you there.