Quality Assurance in Materials Manufacturing

Hey Everyone,

So i have been given this task to try and quantify the changes seen due a certain material manufacturing process. I.e. i have Sample A (a standard) and Sample B (Manufactured) and i am to quantify the results between the two.

However, I am not entirely sure how to go about this, the closest thing everyone i work with has told me to look at is quality assurance methods for materials manufacturing but I am not entirely sure how this is going to help me since I am not really trying to look for problems persay, but just trying to quantify the differences that have been recorded.

I can't post raw data due to restrictions i am under, however i will try to answer any questions i can as i realize this description is rather vague. But if anyone has any ideas on how best to go about this and if there are any software packages i should look into (I have excel 07 and Origins 7.5 atm) it would be greatly appriciated.

Some brief info if it helps:
I have a set of standards by which i can compare the manufactured materials.
The Data i have is the elemental composition of the material analyzed. (i.e. how much of any given element (%weight and ppm) is in the material).

Again any help is appriciated =).

Can you say what kind of items for these two samples are you trying to compare? Can you come up with a few fake numbers and send them as an example? For example, are you comparing numerical values, such as speed of manufacturing in sample A compared to the speed of manufacturing in sample B? Or perhaps you are interested in comparing whether or not the product was defective when it came out? Or how many items each sample produced?