Quantitative Report - Outlier?


I am doing a research project at the moment on change in health anxiety (HA) between 2018 and 2021 - I am using SPSS to analyse my collected data.
I have computed my variables HA_THEN and HA_NOW.
Next, I computed the variable HA_CHANGE, this was HA_NOW minus HA_THEN.

Once I calculated all the HA_CHANGE values, I noticed an outlier, therefore I went on data, select cases, if condition is satisfied, <1 and this excluded the outlier from my future tests.

My question at the moment is, in the write up, where do I comment on removing this outlier? Would it be on Participants within the methods section? Or would it be within the preparation of raw data in the results section?


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Why would you remove an outlier if it wasn't an erroneous value? It has value.

So did you match individual (person) level values between the periods and find the differences?