Quasi-Randomized vs. RCT

If a study puts participants in the intervention group based on first come first serve (i.e. the first 65 participants who signed up got the intervention) and everyone else afterwards went on a waiting list (which was the control) is this still considered an RCT? it doesn't seem very randomized...or is it quasi-randomized???
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Would it still be appropriate to do an Intention to Treat Analysis in a quasi-randomized trial, or is that only for RCT???


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Hmm. It doesn't seem very reliable though. If any quasi random selection was to be used I would think every other would at least be a little better. But I haven't really studied that extensively so I guess you can ignore me.


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I don't really have any specific knowledge in this area, but it seems to me that an intention to treat analysis would still be useful and informative with this kind of study design.


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I agree with Cowboybear. Your study won't have as much credibility when it comes to showing a true effect. However, I still think it'd be interesting to see what the outcome is since the time and money has been put into it already.